Wheel in the gears...

While this was originally my plan anyhow, I had hope to put some more polish on Evil Clutches before I moved over to Unity.

Unfortunately, the best laid plans change.... GameMaker has MANY quirks to it that I've grown a little accustomed to hacking fixes for (see: collision detection. absolutely broken in-engine functions that can be bugged out with easy (also note: my hacks to fix it are something that has taken minutes while these problems have been around since GMS2 released many months ago))

Anyhow. The final straw came with this:

So, after much cursing, hair pulling and debating... I've started developing / learning Unity. Unfortunately this means I'm now instantly months behind in my programming projects. Further development has officially halted on Evil Clutches (minus any support issues that people may come across) due to this unfortunately turn of events.

I'm very upset, discouraged and, quite honestly, outraged at this ridiculous show of greed from an engine that isn't nearly as capable as its competitors and now nearly 3 times as expensive. Yoyogames, should you ever read this, know I'm giving you the biggest middle finger I am capable of. Your acts are shameful and your reasoning behind it (you need more money to help support people having problems developing on it? come now.) is nothing short of ridiculous. Every competitor you have does it at a fraction of the cost; perhaps you should go back to learning business, not to mention ethics.

Anyhow *ends rant*.... hopefully this will all be for the better and the wounds will heal from all the salt. Onward with unity!

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