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Evil Clutches

Beef Erikson Studio's first release! A fast-paced, quick-to-play game. In this arcade-style shooter mini-game, the goal is to save as many baby dragons whilst eliminating the demon spawn coming at you from all angles. 

This initial version lays down the basis of the game; a simple and fun title designed for short bursts. I greatly welcome suggestions (UI work is on the top of my list) and critique. I'm aware it's short; my aim is to improve upon this over time.

Also, I'd LOVE to see your high scores!

Feel free to email them to me or shoot me a tweet; I'll be collecting them for my memorabilia of the release of my first title.

-= Updates since release =-

  • Side note: I have not got the funds together yet to purchase a certificate to get key signed (it's not cheap). I hope to get this revolved as quickly as possible to avoid that annoying windows popup when installing.
  • Additional side note: It has been brought to my attention that Baidu Antivirus is false-flagging a virus (only that one anti-virus program out of them all). I sent the file off to get it white-listed at their site. This process can take 24 hours (I'm a transparent fellow, sorry for the updates).

Disclaimer: This is (quite) loosely based off a tutorial. All code is my own creation and deviates entirely from the tutorial, short of the core principal of the game. Approximately half of the art/sound assets were included royalty free in the tutorial with the other half being my own creation.  I decided to expand on the core principals greatly both to functionality / mechanics and the back end for future additions as I quite enjoy the concept and had a blast playing/making this. 


My purpose with this is to improve my current knowledge of the GameMaker Studio 2 engine. Upon release and supporting whatever issues I haven't experienced in my play-testing, I will be making another mini-game, this time in Unity. It will be along the same lines, this is for comparison reasons.

I have a full-featured and revolutionary RPG system which I made the engine for in Python; unfortunately not the best language for game development. Therefore I'm using my programming knowledge to explore the more popular 2d engines out there. 

I am a single-man studio and disabled; this has therefore became a large part of my life and I greatly anticipate the day I am able to release my dreams upon the world.

If you like this game, wish to support development costs, or simply just want to be generous, any donations are most greatly appreciated and you will be credited for such, should you wish it so.


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